Local favorite Goose Island Brewery keeps on pumping out new and exciting Belgian beers.  The latest is a Belgian Pale Ale named Fleur, which comes in 750ml bottles packed into a vibrant orange case.  Fleur translates to flower in French, and a white petal flower with an orange center is showcased on each bottle.  The brew undoubtedly takes its name from the hibiscus flowers it is blended with.


Fleur is also blended with kombucha tea, and clocks in at 7.0% ABV.  Funky Belgian yeasts are all over the nose and palate of this intricate brew.  Hints of strawberries and hibiscus are there, leading into a slightly dry and floral finish.  Fleur is reminiscent of Matilda, with perhaps a tad more drinkability and a lot more complexity and funk.


Goose Island has been on a tear lately with new and appealing brews, such as Fleur and Bourbon County Coffee Stout.  The action for the Chicago based brewery will not settle down as they have plans to release two additional brews in the near future, Vanilla Bourbon County Stout and Bourbon County Stout aged in Pappy Van Winkle bourbon barrels.  Unfortunately two other longtime favorites, Nut Brown Ale and Oatmeal Stout, have been axed from Goose Islands 6-pack line, perhaps paving the way for the innovative creations Goose Island is throwing at the market.  What do you think of Goose Islands shifting identity and their seemingly ever-expanding Belgian portfolio?