Looking for a beer gift that is sure to be a big hit this Christmas?  We have the answer: A massive three liter bottle of beer.  This beer format is very popular this time of year, whether it is for a gift, or for a family to share during the holidays. They also make a nice display piece for any wet bar or man cave.  Binnys has several options if you are planning on going large when it comes to beer.

Double Bastard 3LTwo Brothers Heavier Handed This imperial version of Two Brothers popular wet hopped IPA is aged in Two Brothers massive French oak foudres.  This incredibly bitter beer would make a perfect gift for the hop head in your family.  $63.99 / 3L

Stone Double Bastard This is another imperial version of a popular beer served up in an imperial sized bottle.  The 10.5% ABV Double Bastard is the big brother of Stones most popular brew, Arrogant Bastard.  This swing top bottle comes complete with a padlock and key attached to the top, ensuring that you alone will hold the power to open it.  A very limited supply of these came to Illinois this year; act now if you are interested.  $97.99 / 3L

Chimay Grand Reserve What better way to celebrate Christmas than with a beastly bottle of this legendary Belgian Trappist Ale?  Any beer lover would be happy with three liters of one of the most delicious dark Belgian beers in the world.  $106.99 / 3L

Duvel Is there a better Belgian Golden Ale than Duvel?  Dont be fooled by the drinkability of this style defining beerit is 8.5% ABV.  $84.99 / 3L

In case a 3L bottle is a little too much for you, Chimay Grand Reserve and Duvel are also available in 1.5L bottles, in addition to their 750ml and 4-pack everyday packages.  Some stores also carry Altenmunster Winterbier in uniquely crafted 2L swing top bottles, for the economical price of $13.99.

Not all of our stores will be carrying the above mentioned beers this holiday season.  Call your local Binnys or email kyle@binnys.com to see if these beers are in stock at your neighborhood Binnys.  What is the biggest bottle of beer you have ever drank?