Here's a fun and unique gift idea that pretty much sells itself. It's one of those things you kick yourself for not thinking of first. Basically, the Drink Deck is a combination of a travel guide and a coupon book in the form of a deck of cards.   For thirty bucks (er, $29.95) you get a deck of 52 playing cards. Each card is a $10 gift certificate good at a different Chicago watering hole. You take the card in, they tear off the corner and give the card back.   You can check out the complete list of bars here; as you can see, there's a good variety of places spread across something like twenty neighborhoods. I was surprised to see some of my favorites on the list.   The package is pretty slick. A deck missing some corners might screw up your game of Go Fish, but it would be pretty cool to do a magic trick where you point out that not only is the card they picked the six of hearts, but also that it's Sheffield's.   I've heard that some people are using the deck to organize pub crawls (always drink responsibly). For a guy like me, it might get me out of my neighborhood to discover some cool new spots I'd never have known about otherwise.   The Drink Deck is available at any of the four big city Binny's locations (Downtown, Lakeview, Lincoln Park and South Loop) up by the cash registers. For more info, check out the Drink Deck website or mentions in Time Out Chicago and Hop Cast.