Here are a couple quick holiday gift ideas for the spirits enthusiast who has (pretty much) everything:


Teroforma Whisky Stones

     Keep Teroforma Whisky Stones chilled in your freezer, pull out three to cool down your glass of sippable spirits without the dilution that comes from melting ice.

   New to Binny's, these stones are carved from soft but dense soapstone, making them safe to use in most standard glassware. Don't expect them to make your glass frosty, though. They're made for bringing a finger or two of whisky down to a good sipping temperature, but they won't chill larger beverages.

   Teroforma Whisky Stones come in a pack of nine stones and include a muslin storage bag.


Absinthe Spoons

   Absinthe has made its comeback here in the US. Since 2007 (which saw a relaxation on the ban of absinthe) our shelves are flooded with excellent examples of the herbal spirit, imported classics and new creations by American artisan distillers alike.

   It doesn't take too many shots of straight absinthe to learn that the best way to enjoy the stuff is the old-fashioned French method. This involves diluting the absinthe by pouring cold water over a lump of sugar held on a special slotted spoon. The water and dissolved sugar soften and sweeten the drink, opening up delicate flavors and aromas while herbal components in the absinthe cloud the mixture.

   We have had absinthe spoons included in gift packs before, but now offer a spoon on its own. The spoon is elegant in its simplicity. It is sure to be a valued addition to any home bar tool set, and would make a great stocking stuffer for any artisan spirits enthusiast.