Get Your Glass in Gear - Barrel to Bottle Scientifically Samples Suds

A deep, scientific dive on beer glasses.

This isn’t the first time we’ve discussed the importance of glassware. But today we’re doing a deeper, scientific dive specifically on beer glasses.

We at Barrel to Bottle firmly believe you should always drink your beer out of a glass. But will one of those straight-sided pint glasses suffice, or is it worth spending some money on a beer glass that had fluid dynamics test performed on it? We’re here to definitively answer that question today.

Roger brought in three beer glasses that we will be comparing to the straight sided shaker pint control glass:

Sam Adams Perfect Pint Glass
Duvel Chalice
Dogfish Head IPA Glass

We’ll be sampling these three beers in each of the four glasses:

Sam Adams Golden Pilsner
Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA

After our scientific sampling, we’ll also try some of the new innovations from Sam Adams, Duvel and Dogfish Head, each in their brewery’s respective glass:

Sam Adams Boston Lager (Remastered)
Duvel 6.66
Dogfish Head Citrus Squall

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