Wine for tailgating or your game day party? Absolutely. The key? Seek out punchy wines with bold flavors. Here are a few to consider, all which come in screw cap. So leave the corkscrew at home if you’re heading to the stadium and bring an extra bottle or three of the wines below!  

Gameday Goodies from the Binny's Wine Hotline


Leese Fitch Cabernet Sauvignon

As ripe as domestic examples can get, a West Coast cabernet sauvignon is a sure bet to pair with BURGERS OR GRILLED STEAK. Those from California - where the sunny and dry vineyards yield ripe fruit with dense flavors - are especially rich with black fruit and silky tannins, as well as a concentration of flavors that can rival anything from France. But at a price that French producers can only envy! With its black berry fruit framed by chocolate suggestions, the Leese-Fitch cab is a prime example.  

Clean Slate Riesling

What to serve with HAM OR DELI COLD CUTS, HOT DOGS OR BRATS, OR A PIG ROAST for that matter? The salty notes in deli cuts or the punchy flavors of a Chicago dog or Wisconsin brat scream for a crisp wine with a boatload of flavor, making an off-dry riesling a no-brainer. Ever have taco al pastor, or melons wrapped with prosciutto, or caramel & cheddar popcorn for that matter? Then you’ll understand how the marriage of sweet and salty is a match made in heaven. The off-dry and upfront notes of mangos, apples, and melons pair perfectly with any deli cold cuts, sausages or hot dogs, or pig roast you might be serving on game day.  

Amalaya Malbec

How can you go wrong with a wine designed for GRILLED OR ROASTED MEAT? Argentines takes pride in their national dish known as asado, an assortment of grilled meats. Unsurprisingly, winemakers eventually came about to crafting a wine that naturally pairs with the rich and roasted flavors that Argentines enjoy. The malbec from Amalaya is an especially flavorful expression, whose forceful and fresh black cherry notes and silky texture can stand up to the flavors of anything you might be serving from the grill.  

Henri Leblanc Blanc de Blancs Brut

What if we told you that a sparkler is the ideal wine to enjoy with FRIED CHICKEN, CHILI, NACHOS, OR WINGS? Believe it! Crispy deep fried chicken, spicy nachos or chili, or a marriage of the two in buffalo wings - all scream out for something that can cut through the richness, tame the heat, and refresh the palate. All the while offering flavors that can stand toe to toe with the with these classic game day dishes. And make no mistake: the Henri Leblanc BdB is up to the task. Not only is it served in a certain, ahem, clubhouse, ahem. Its crisp texture and effervescence will cut through even the blistering heat of the spiciest hot wings; and its green apple and citrus notes can stand toe to toe with the salty richness of deep fried chicken or with the onslaught of nacho toppings.  

2015 Joel Gott Sauvignon Blanc

From citrus infused grilled shrimp and bacon wrapped scallops to the smoky flavors of grilled salmon or tuna, the sweet hints and rich textures of GRILLED SEAFOOD demand a beverage that can cut through the richness with its own punch of flavors. No worries - grilled seafood and white wine are a natural together. Joel Gott’s crisp and savory sauvignon blanc marries beautifully with the sweet and smoky flavors of grilled seafood. Its incisive, crisp texture and citrus notes will cut through the richness of seafood, and its pineapple and guava flavors will match the sweetness especially of shrimp and scallops. Just make sure there’s enough for your guests!  

Domaine Montrose Rose

GRILLED VEGETABLES, when well seasoned and drizzled with olive oil, make for a delicious dish. The savory spices and the subtle sweetness of caramelized vegetables can be just as satisfying as grilled meat, and deserve a well paired wine like the rose from Domaine Montrose. Comprised mostly of grenache cultivated from the south of France - where grenache reigns supreme! - this rose's red berry flavors, peach notes, and spicy overtones will harmonize with the caramelized sweetness of any grilled vegetables you might be serving and enjoying on game day!