FullersIn a few weeks Binny's will introduce several new offerings from Fuller's Brewery of London, England including Honeydew & the return of 1845. But the one that caught our eye is Bengal Lancer, an India Pale Ale.  Bengal Lancer stood out because it isn't just any old IPA – it is one of the first IPA's ever made.   By now most people know the history of the IPA, how the beers were heavily hopped as a preservative measure to survive the journey from Britan to the Indian subcontinent. During the long & arduous journey the beer went around the Cape of Good Hope in Africa before landing in the hands of thirsty British soldiers.   Bengal Lancer is as much a part of history as it is a delicious beer, as it was one of a handful of beers that actually made this grueling journey. Beers like this are the inspiration for the heavily hopped IPA's and double IPA's that beer geeks are guzzling at a record rate in today's world.   Also on its way to Binny's from Fuller's is London Black Cab Stout, which will be available in 16.9oz bottles as well as on nitrogen pour at our South Loop Tasting Room.