Fruits of Summer

Something about summer gets us sipping the fresh flavors only available from fruit beer. From fresh new releases to old-school standbys, some in season in summer and some year-round, we picked through a whole bunch of fruit beers to produce this list.

LEMON Boulevard Ginger Lemon Radler... 6 Pack of 12oz Cans

Topping our list is the most exciting new shandy we've had in a while. It started as a taproom exclusive at Boulevard, but its mass appeal earned it distribution in cans. Not only does the addition of ginger offer a spiciness that balances out the lemon-drop sweetness, but the foundation is Boulevard's flagship Unfiltered Wheat. Chicago's allocation won't last, so don't miss this one.

STRAWBERRY Abita Strawberry Harvest Lager... 6 Pack of 12oz Bottles

This annual release carries a faithful following who can hardly wait for release day. This delicious pilsner is blended with fresh pressed, local Louisiana strawberry juice. Not nearly as sweet as you'd think, impeccably balanced, it makes for one of the best summer sippers out there.

WATERMELON 21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon Wheat... 6 Pack of 12oz Cans

Freshly arrived in Chicago, and already topping our summer list – 21st Amendment even calls it “summer in a can.” Unlike many fruit beers, this watermelon wheat never approaches cloyingly sweet, instead offering a dewy freshness closer to cucumber than hard candy.

BLUEBERRY Sweetwater Blue... 6 Pack of 12oz Bottles

Another recent arrival, Sweetwater Blue is making a splash. A blonde ale base with big blueberry bounty on the nose, staying crisp and light-bodied on the palate through the finish. Surprisingly sessionable blueberry brew available year round. We're hooked.

TANGERINE Lost Coast Tangerine Wheat... 6 Pack of 12oz Bottles

A tangerine-infused wheat beer from way back, one of the longest-established entries on this list. Starting as a seasonal release with Lost Coast's Harvest Wheat as its base, Tangerine Wheat grew in popularity, forcing its way onto the year-round roster. It is still around for one reason – it is refreshingly delicious.

PEACH O'Fallon Wheach... 6 Pack of 12oz Bottles

Peach + Wheat = delicious Wheach. On the sweeter side, but by no means cloying. Wheach is another classic summer seasonal that was too popular for just one season, so you can now grab it anytime. In both cans and bottles, this fruit beer travels well, even on a boat.

RASPBERRY Founders Rubaeus Raspberry Ale... 4 Pack of 12oz Bottles

Fresh Michigan raspberries and fresh Michigan beer are a delicious combination. The craft brewing legends at Founders add the fruit at multiple stages during fermentation, giving Rubaeus its incredible balance of sweet and tart, and making it a crushable favorite here at the Beer Buzz.