Founders Brewing Company, a favorite among us beer lovers, has ponied up and given us Illinoisans a considerable amount of Curmudgeon. It is refreshing to see a beer stacked in our stores that we previously had to keep in the back room because of only receiving one case. This is a good sign, and hopefully in the future we will start to see multiple cases of Founders rarities such as Devil Dancer, Backwoods Bastard, and KBS.



Curmudgeon is classified as an old ale, a style that is similar to a barley wine. Old ales are usually dominated by malt characteristics, with very minimal amounts of hops added. While tradition says that old ales can have a wide range in ABV, it seems that most of the old ales brewed today are high in alcohol. Curmudgeon is no exception, and clocks in at 9.3% ABV.



Founders Curmudgeon has a very complex aroma and flavor. Caramel, toffee, and dark fruits are abundant. A big splash of vanilla and a hint of fudge are also apparent on the nose. Curmudgeon's taste is all about the malt, with a heavy dose of the caramel version leading the pack. Flavors of vanilla, oak, and bourbon are noticeable and not surprising considering that Curmudgeon is barrel aged. The dark fruit flavors are there but faint. The intricate flavor profile fades into a lightly boozy but pleasant finish.



We would love to know which Founders beer you are most fond of. To answer our own question, I would go with the Harvest Ale, but that is probably because it is the current Founders beer located in my fridge. If there were some Curmudgeon in there(which there soon will be), then the answer may have been different.