Last month the World Beer Cup took place, which has been hailed as the worlds largest beer competition.  642 breweries entered 3,300 beers which were judged in 90 different categories.  Founders Brewery, which many people dub famous for their extreme and unique beers such as the bourbon barrel aged KBS and the triple IPA Devil Dancer, took home four awards.  But what surprised us are the medals that Founders were victors of were a result of their everyday beers instead of the cutting edge brews that make them famous in many peoples eyes.


Founders beers  that took home silver medals for the Grand Rapids brewery were Dirty Bastard in the Strong Ale category, Centennial IPA in the American-Style India Pale Ale category, and Porter in the Robust Porter category (which by the way, is a phenomenal beer to cook with).  Founders Imperial Stout was the recipient of a bronze medal in the American-Style Imperial Stout group.


So next time you are in the mood for some Founders, dont just go for the raritiestheir normal lineup is just as tremendous.  What is your favorite readily available beer from Founders?