Flying Dog Brewery recently celebrated 20 fantastic years of brewing.To commemorate this event, Flying Dog brewed up a brand new beer that goes by the name of Raging Bitch.Raging Bitch is a self titled Belgian IPA, but it is really an American IPA fermented with Belgian Yeast.It is brewed with American warrior, columbus, and amarillo hops, then fermented with Belgian el diablo yeast which provides classic Belgian flavors.In addition, the brew is dry hopped with amarillo hops.Raging Bitch clocks in at 8.3% ABV and 60 IBUs.


The beer was filled with a pungent citrusy hop and bubblegum nose.The flavor of the brew was dominated by the above mentioned citrusy hops, but also had mild flavors of pine, caramel malt, and spices. Instead of an over the top bitter finish like many hoppy beers, the finish of Raging Bitch was comprised of Belgian yeast coinciding with a placid bitter note.This drinkable, nicely carbonated, and all around smooth beer is a great buy at $9.99 a six pack.


Flying Dog has had much to celebrate from the past year besides their twentieth anniversary.At the 2009 Great American Beer Festival, Flying Dog took home 3 gold medals as well as a silver medal.This was an impressive display considering 3,308 beers from 495 breweries were vying for the limited number of medals.Perhaps even more notable than the medals that Flying Dog fetched is the fact that the Great American Beer Festival named Flying Dog the 2009 mid- size brewing company of the year.Have you been drooling over any of Flying Dogs beers lately?