Back on November 9th we broke the news that Firestone Walker would be entering the market within the next couple weeks.  Well that didnt happen, and here we are on January 5th still anticipating the fine beers of the acclaimed Brewery. 

Like we did in November, we have just gotten word that Firestone Walker will debut in a few weeks, this time with a specific date:  January 17th.  The initial rollout will be from Firestone Walkers Proprietors Reserve line which includes Double Jack, Walkers Reserve, and Anniversary 14.  The following month, the Nectar Ales line of beers will be released.  At the end of March or beginning of April, keep an eye out for the limited release Abacus, a barleywine aged for 3 years in Heaven Hill Oak Bourbon Barrels.

Firestone Walker will only be available in the city of Chicago until the market is established and wont be available in the suburbs until later in the year.  This is how Firestone Walker chose to introduce their lineup; Binnys had nothing to do with the decision.  We suburbanites can only hope that the Chicago market is established sooner than later.