As our international craft beer sale enters its final week, you will see what we like to refer to as the best of the rest go on sale.  The week of June 24th through June 30th will be highlighted by Scandinavia, but not limited to this region as places such as Japan and Spain will be recognized as well.  The sale features over one hundred craft beers from all over the globe.  We wanted to break the previous weeks themes of recommending single beers by instead suggesting two superb Scandinavian breweries.   Mikkeller Practicing quality before quantity might be an understatement.  Cases of Mikkeller can be few and far between, thus different Binnys locations may have diverse selections of Mikkeller beers.  We have never experienced an unworthy Mikkeller beer; there is a reason they have been named best Danish Brewery every year since they have been in business (2006), and have also been placed among the elite breweries on  Mikkeller doesnt discriminate when it comes to beer styles; chances are they craft something with your name on it.   Nogne- O Like Mikkeller, Nogne-O, which is the first Norwegian microbrewery, was started by two home brewers.  While achieving their goal of bringing Norwegians beer styles they knew little of such as IPA, Porter, and Amber, the brewers of Nogne-O also introduced their remarkable brews to the world.  Also like Mikkeller, Nogne-O boasts a portfolio with a wide array of beer styles.   There is something for everyone when it comes to Nogne-O.   If you wish to travel outside of Scandinavia, we recommend hitting the Aussie outback by picking up a six pack of Coopers Best Extra Stout or Coopers Sparkling Ale.  If Asia is your fancy, the Hitachino beers of Kiuchi brewery in Japan are delicious.  Italy, Spain, and various other countries will be recognized during this week long extravaganza.  Along with the best of the rest, loads of meads will be seeing price slashes.   What are you indulging in this week?   **Note:  Mikkeller and Nogne-O are popular microbreweries, thus their beers are in limited supply.  Call your local Binnys or email to check on availability of any beers.