We know picking out gifts for Father’s Day can be tough. This year, skip the “Hail to the Chef” apron and check out our top whiskey gift ideas. We compiled a list of our favorite handpicks, local whiskies and necessary sippers below. Your dad will not be disappointed.  

Father's Day Gift Guide Binny's


Tom's Foolery Bottled in Bond Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Craft whiskey is all grown up. To be bottled in bond means the whiskey followed strict production guidelines that were too strict (distilled in one season at one distillery and aged a minimum of 4 years in a government supervised warehouse) for most small distillers. This beautiful bourbon was made on the old Michter's "barrel a day" pot still and is full of spicy oak and fruit flavors. Full flavored and full bodied craft whiskey that holds its own to anything else on the shelf.  

WhistlePig 10-year-old Cask Strength Rye Binny's Handpicked

This little piggy went to market, this little piggy went home, this little piggy had roast beef, and you can try each and every one. We’ve just received three new Handpicked barrels from Whistle Pig. If you like your rye big and expressive, you’ll enjoy any one of these 10 year old cask strength bottlings. Characterized by big fat chewy wintergreen, anise, and caramel, these 100% rye whiskies will have you singing wee wee wee all the way home.  

Ardbeg Dark Cove Standard Release

This year's limited Ardbeg bottling bursts with buckets of peat. Under the peat, layers of stewed fruit, soft orchard fruit, spice, burning embers and brine. Nicely constructed layers of flavor. Big fat viscosity on the palate. Nice pepper and smoke with a dose of sherry arriving. Vanilla, orchard fruits, and peat dance on the tongue as well. The finish is long and warming with peat that sticks around in the front, while the softer notes of fruit and sherry lie underneath. Beautiful whisky.  

Laphroaig Lore

Another limited Islay. Peat up front and in charge on the nose. A honeyed citrus quality swims just beneath the smoke along with a nuttiness and cacao. The palate has a nice richness to it. The peat takes on a bit punchier tact on the taste with big spice, honeyed vanilla, and fruits present. Beautifully long finish with the sweeter fruits lingering out front along with the peat.  

Lagavulin 8 year old 200th Anniversary Special Release

Rounding out our limited Islay trio, this Lagavulin entry proves that a 16 year old classic starts out as a classic at 8 years. Brine and buttered peat. Smoke and vanilla with fruit underneath. A dose of pepper is in the nose as well, but what really sticks out is just how clean and refreshing this Lagavulin 8 is. Burning wood and poached pear. Nice and fat on the palate, oily or buttery. The peat is present, but the fruit really sticks out on the tongue. Big jammy pears, brine, peat, pepper, vanilla, and a suprising floral element on the finish. Long finish with a surprising floral element on the long finish. A real treat, and only available for this year.  

Aberlour Scotch & Marca Binny's Seleccion Limitada Primeros Cigar Bonus Buy

A true gem of Speyside, Aberlour's whiskies are known for their rich, sherried taste and voluptuous body. All that dark fruit on a full frame makes for whiskies that hold up beautifully to cigars. Right now, when you purchase Aberlour 12 year old, Aberlour 12 year old Non Chillfiltered, Aberlour a’Bunahd, Aberlour 16 year old or Aberlour 18 year old, you get a Marca Binny’s Seleccion Limitada Primeros for 1 penny! Dad doesn't need to know how easy we've made Father's Day shopping. Bonus Buy available in-store only through 6/28/2016.  

Patron Binny's Handpicked

We have the perfect gift for the tequila-loving dad as well. Our latest handpicked single barrels from Patron just arrived and they are some exceptional tequilas. All three are well balanced with vegetal notes, agave and citrus and long, peppery and oaky finishes. The Anejo shows more candied sweeteness throughout. Grab them now because they won't be around for long.  

Whiskey Acres Bourbon Farmcrafted Whiskey

Get it first at Binny's! True grain to glass production, farm crafted in Illinois. Bright and shiny like a new copper penny. Wheat and corn up front on the nose. Cornbread comes to mind. In the background flavors of orange peel, toffee, vanilla, and a soft dose of anise from the wood. Fat and visous on the palate. Dark Cherries, cooked blackberry, vanilla, toffee, and subtle cinnamon, orange peel and spice. Medium finish, warming and pleasant with persistent flavors. Orange peel, toffee, vanilla, oak, and spice.  

Oppidan Solera Bourbon

As familiar bourbons grow harder to find, micro-distilleries are coming of age and filling the void with amazing new flavors. Oppidan Spirits, out of sunny Wheeling, Illinois are making wonderful bourbons and ryes. This solera bourbon is made from five grains, beginning life in 15 gallon new American oak, then transferred into French oak barrels and finally Olorosso Sherry casks. The result is a unique bourbon full of atypical flavors. On the nose, this is unmistakably bourbon, with darker chocolate notes with rich spice. The palate shows layers of dark chocolate, corn, sweet bread, dark fruit, caramel, and vanilla with soft anise spice. The finish is lengthy with spices, anise, and deep rich sherry notes dancing with bourbon flavors. Complex and unique.  

Don Corleone Vodka

Get it first at Binny’s! Often imitated, but never duplicated, The Godfather has stood the test of time. We think you’ll find the same is true for Don Corleone Vodka. Incredibly smooth and refreshing, this vodka will get the job done without question, or hesitation.   Check out the Whiskey Hotline for updates on new whiskey, tastings, sales and more!