We know picking out gifts for Father's Day can be tough. This year, skip the "Hail to the Chef" apron and check out our top gift giving ideas. We compiled a list of our favorite private labels, local brews and necessary gift accessories below. Your dad will not be disappointed.  

Angel's Envy Binny's Handpicked


Angel's Envy Special Binny's Blends

If you haven't heard the story on these bad boys, take a look. They are fresh from Angel's Envy and are ready to have a bow thrown on them for Father's Day. If your pops is into intricate and handcrafted bourbons, he'll definitely label you top gift giver of the year after tasting them. By the way, get your bottle custom engraved at these times and locations.  

New Edradour Binny's Handpicked Casks

Edradour makes some of the best single malts in Scotland for the way they mature and for their eccentric flavors. The finishes on these cask strength whiskies are just the icing on the cake. Either one would be a treat for dad.  

Revolution Rosa Hibiscus Ale

We couldn't leave this summer seasonal out. Revolution's Rosa is a great choice for expanding dad's palate past his typical High Life. Warning: They go down easy, but sit at a nice 5.8% abv... Turn down for brunch?  

Local Option


Local Option

Trust us when we say that Local Option knows what they're doing when it comes to beer. Many of their brews are inspired heavily by German influence, especially styles that carry loads of sweet and robust flavors. Make sure you're around to enjoy these when dad pops 'em open.  

Glencairn Crystal Accessories

If your dad appreciates a nice glass of scotch and practices proper drinking etiquette, then these Glencairn glassware options will serve him well. They come in handy and are great for presentation if he often hosts whiskey, bourbon and scotch connoisseurs.  

Cub's 100th Anniversary Wine


Chicago Cubs 100th Anniversary Wine

Don't worry, the wine isn't a reflection of the, uh, mediocre season the Cubs are having. The red blend is balanced with bold fruit and hints of spice and dark chocolate while the chardonnay is super fresh with crisp green apple and pear flavors. Sox Fans: See Apothic Red and Fevre Chablis Champs Royaux. Short on plans this Father's Day? Check out our week long schedule of tastings and events!