We get to do some pretty cool collaborations here at Binny's. This time around we're teaming up with Big Sky Brewing to pick their next single cask of Ivan the Terrible imperial stout.


Ivan the Terrible might be one of the single most under rated barrel aged Russian Imperial Stout currently on the shelves. Big Sky gave us the unique opportunity to taste 14 of their single barrels to see if we could isolate a particular cask of this sublime RIS.   Not to toot our own horn, but we're pretty sure you're really going to enjoy the barrel we chose. The barrel of Ivan is ramped up, with a great coffee, chocolate, licorice balance and has little to no alcohol poking through. It's essentially a typical Ivan in its best form.


But wait, there's more. The Whiskey Hotline has a small collection of Buffalo Trace barrels from their Binny's Handpicked Buffalo Trace bottlings. They gave those casks to Big Sky to specially age this batch of Ivan.   Does it get much cooler than that? We'll see this extreme collaboration with the regular release this upcoming December. Stay tuned for more...