Last month we packed our bags and hit the road. Big Sky invited us out to their brewery in Montana to see how our exclusive batch of Ivan the Terrible was doing. bigsky_blog If you've been following along, you know it's been quite the journey creating this epic collaboration with Big Sky Brewing. They've taken this year's Ivan the Terrible and aged it in Buffalo Trace barrels that previously held our Binny’s Handpicked Buffalo Trace. We then picked out which single cask of Ivan we liked the most. We're happy to share that it's been bottled, packaged, and is on the way to us. It may be limited, but definitely worth getting your hands on if you can. barrel_blog What makes this Ivan so awesome? It's the first and only single barrel of Ivan the Terrible, and it's aged in Binny's Handpicked Buffalo Trace barrels. Trust us when we say Ivan the Terrible is one of the few Russian Imperial Stouts worth the hype. It's delicious in every way possible. When should you drink it? Bjorn Nabozney of Big Sky says to age it for no longer than 5 years while Big Sky's head brewer Matt Long says it holds up for a whopping 10 years. We think it's drinking great right now, but if you have to hold on to it may improve in three years. When will we see it? Soon, very soon. It'll make it to most Binny's locations. You'll find it in our beer aisles with a specific label for this single cask exclusive for Binny's. Or ask your local Binny's beer guy where to find it. Will we see regular Ivan? Doesn't sound like it. Big Sky has no intentions of expanding their barrel program which means it's always going to be a super limited beer. Keep an eye on our website for when it gets here and grab a bottle if you can!