Elixir Spirits - Barrel to Bottle Welcomes Co-Founder Andrea Loreto

Elixir Spirits Co-Founder Andrea Loreto

How did an outwardly Italian man end up in Eugene, Oregon making amaro? This week we’re talking to Andrea Loreto, co-founder of Elixir Spirits about his journey to making botanical liqueurs in the Pacific Northwest.

Andrea’s love of cooking led him to discover liqueur recipes in his grandmother’s cookbook. After three years of tinkering he had his first product, Calisaya.

Elixir Spirits Calisaya Chinchona Liqueur – The main ingredient in this is quinine, a magical herb that relieved malaria fevers. Unfortunately, it tasted very bitter so it got mixed with sweet ingredients like honey or sugar, and eventually that lead to its use in liqueurs. This is a specific chinchona from Italy.

Elixir Spirits Ver Liquore d’Erb – It took Andrea another three years to develop Ver, but not because he didn’t know what he was doing. He wanted to make something naturally green, so without dye. It’s very difficult to do though. Andrea was passionate about Chartreuse back in Italy, so that was his inspiration.

Elixir Spirits Fernet dei Fratelli Loreto – Andrea did not want to make a fernet, because he’s not a fan. But his best customer asked him to do it because they do sell well.

Elixir Spirits Iris Root Liqueur – Iris is made with the rhizome of the iris flower. After Calisaya, Andrea wanted to make a liqueur that was not bitter. Tuscan vineyards used to plant iris between rows of vines in hopes of imbuing floral aromas and flavors on their grapes.

Elixir Spirits Caffé Corretto – Andrea didn’t want to make a coffee liqueur because there are so many well-known, cheap brands. But after meeting with Caffé Umbria Roasters, he decided develop a recipe.

Elixir Spirits Féte Vodka – Pat doesn’t usually heap praise on any vodkas, but this is an exception. This is one of the most neutral vodkas Pat has ever had.

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