Turned off by the sweetness of many popular ciders? Luckily our selection of cider has never been better and we have a plethora of refreshingly crisp ciders to choose from. Many of these ciders are remarkably wine like in character so if you’re looking for an interesting alternative to serve at your next dinner party, consider giving one of these carefully crafted ciders a try.  

Dry Cider


Virtue Michigan Brut

Virtue’s Michigan Brut is a refreshingly tart and traditional cider that is not to be missed. Made with a blend of heirloom Michigan grown apples, it spends time resting in French oak barrels, allowing for a nice layered complexity with notes of citrus, hay, and vanilla. A distinguished cider that fans of brut champagne will adore.  

Starcut Pulsar Semi Dry Cider

Starcut Pulsar is pleasantly floral on the nose with a vinous note reminiscent of sauvignon blanc. On the palate, it’s quite snappy with flavors or gooseberry and granny smith apple along with a hint of fresh quince. It’s bright acidity and tannins scrub the palate clean leaving you thirsty for another sip.  

Citizen Cider Unified Press

Looking for something dry, but not bone dry? Consider giving Citizen Cider’s flagship cider a try. This award-winning cider from Vermont is highly effervescent, featuring a sweet start and a lovely crisp finish.  

Seattle Cider Dry

Seattle Cider Dry is true to its name; this is about as dry as it gets. It has a wonderful aroma reminiscent of pears and nectarines. Perfect as a palate cleanser, its big acidity will cut through even the richest cuisine. Fans of dry riesling and fino sherry will fall in love with this cider.  

JK's Scrumpy Hard Cider

J.K.’s Scrumpy Hard Cider is about as old fashioned as hard cider gets. Owner Jim Koan’s family has been growing apples in Flushing Michigan since the 1850s. There are only two ingredients in J.K.’s Scrumpy Cider, juice from organically grown apples and yeast. All apples are grown, crushed, and slow fermented on site, resulting in a zesty mix of fresh honeyed apples accented by subtle farmhouse funk reminiscent of the famous ciders of Normandy.   Check out the Beer Buzz for updates on new beer, tastings, sales and more!