Here's another classic cocktail recipe featuring Drillaud Liqueur, the new Binny's exclusive line that offers big savings on great French liqueurs. These flavors hold their own against famous brands. But they cost a lot less. The Sidecar - a classic cocktail and a great choice for fall. The sidecar is round and easygoing with a little sweetness and plenty of warmth, a great balance of cognac and citrus. Here's how we make it:  

Cocktail GlassSidecar

  2 oz Cognac 1 oz Drillaud Orange Brandy 1/2 oz lemon juice      Shake ingredients with ice, strain into chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with an orange wedge. For a sweeter sidecar with more orange flavor, use Triple Sec instead of Orange Brandy. 
  We do not suggest substituting Blue Curacao. That would look gross. A favorite Cognac of ours for the Sidecar is Jacques Arnoul. It's great for mixing - easy drinking, inexpensive cognac with just enough cut for the Sidecar. Plus it's at the right price: $20 for the VS, $30 for the VSOP.    We prefer a little more Cognac in our Sidecar, but a popular ratio for this type of cocktail is 3:2:1 - which would be 1 1/2 oz cognac, 1 oz Orange Brandy and 1/2 oz lemon juice. The lemon juice counters the round sweetness of the Orange Brandy or Triple Sec and the warm nuttiness of the Cognac.    Also, some people sugar the rim of their cocktail glass for a sidecar. We do not prefer this. We are already sweet enough.