When we found Drillaud French liqueurs, we knew we had something special. A collection of mixable spirits that rival famous brands in terms of taste while saving you money? Awesome. After all, why buy a Cadillac when you can get the same features and horsepower in a Ford? Remember that resale value doesn't count in spirits. Be sure to give Drillaud - a Binny's exclusive - a try. To spark your mixing imagination, we're going to post some cocktail ideas featuring Drillaud liqueurs here on the Binny's Spirits Blog. Have some cocktail ideas of your own? Share them down there in the comments.  

Rocks GlassPear Gin & Tonic

  2 oz gin 1 oz Drillaud Pear 3 parts tonic water      Mix ingredients in a rocks glass over ice, stir. Garnish with a pear slice for a softly sweetened Gin & Tonic with a cool twist.
  We prefer a dry, crisp, and aromatic gin such as the new Caorunn Gin from Scotland's Balmenach distillery. The breadth and sweetness of the Drillaud Pear balances out with the sharp botanicals of the gin. This makes for a sweeter, broader G&T with more weight than usual. You know that one Gin & Tonic that comes in a flimsy plastic cup, with one little bitter lime triangle floating in there, and it costs like twelve bucks when you go to a concert? You know what we're talking about. This is better than that.