Yet another cocktail recipe featuring Drillaud Liqueur, the new Binny's exclusive line that offers great taste and big savings compared to famous brands. This time we're focusing on the Kir Royale, the drink to order whenever you're in Dijon. Or, the drink to make whenever you have too much Champagne around.

Champagne FluteKir Royale

   4 oz brut Champagne 1 oz Drillaud Creme de Cassis    This classic sparkling cocktail is pretty basic top off a flute of Champagne with a little Creme de Cassis. Mix it to taste we prefer a soft touch of Cassis, but if you like it heavier, then add more.
If you use sparkling wine that isn't Champage (which is totally fine) then it's called a Kir Petillant instead. Petillant simply meaning "sparkling" in French. Our Champagne guy suggests Nino Franco Prosecco Rusitco as a favorite mixable smarkling wine. The basic idea here is that you're adding a small amount of flavoring - usually Creme de Cassis, the liqueur from Blackcurrant - to your favorite sparkler. The Kir is a versatile drink. Don't care for Cassis? Other Drillaud flavors work just as well in sparkling wine. Try it with the Drillaud RaspberryBlackberryBlueberry, or one of our favorites, the Pear flavor.