“Imperial” IPAs are amped up versions of the wildly popular India Pale Ale style. Some feature big malt backbones and drink almost like a barleywine while others are dry as a bone with long and intensely bitter finishes. They all feature bulked up hop and mash bills, an added cost that caused most to be packaged in either 4pks or 22oz bottles. Imagine our surprise when we tried some excellent new DIPAs and learned they came in six packs! This is a budget-friendly trend we hope will continue.  

Double IPAs Binny's


Lakefront Hop Jockey

Cascade, Centennial and Columbus are so common among American craft beers that they’ve come to be known as the “Three Cs”. Lakefront’s new DIPA Hop Jockey uses Cascade and Centennial but turns to new hop on the block Citra for its unique tropical hop flavor. Big and citrusy, but still balanced, this 8.2% abv beer is surprisingly easy to drink.  

Green Flash West Coast Double IPA

Green Flash is known for brewing some real hop monsters. Unequivocally West Coast through and through, these hop heads recently revamped their famous West Coast IPA and bumped up the malt bill. The increase in body and alcohol makes for a more balanced brew but it’s still dripping with pine and citrus.  

Buckledown Clencher

Fans of Lyons' BuckleDown Brewing have been drinking this around town for months and have been patiently waiting for its arrival in cans. Well, the wait is over! Clencher is a big but balanced DIPA that pairs Simcoe hops with one of three rotating partners. This edition is brewed with Citra hops and is loaded with citrus and passion fruit flavor.   Check out the Beer Buzz for updates on new beer, tastings, sales and more!