Here's an opportunity to celebrate the special achievement of college graduation in style.

   I was skeptical about the Dom Perignon Graduation Hat until I saw one in person and touched it. It's actually a clever little velvety cap complete with silver tassel and charm that fits on top of the vertical Dom Perignon gift box. A cute way to show someone that you're proud of their accomplishment.

   Maybe it's the package design nerd in me, but I think it's cool that the people at Dom Perignon are willing to play with their already iconic bottle and label in fun new ways (for example, check out their playful tribute to Andy Warhol). I mean, they don't need to release cute packages to sell their Champage - especially in great years, Dom Perignon clearly stands on its own - but it is cool that they're willing to be playful with their iconic design.

   We have just a few of these in our stores. We don't really have any way of inventorying them, so to get one, you'll have to visit a Binny's store, and sooner is probably better.