As you prepare for these crafts (By drinking Bailey's and wine, of course) brush up your knowledge on these key Irish sayings!   "Grab us a snug" means "Snag us a booth!"   Be sure to ask for the Black Stuff! Translation? A Guinness!   When asking for a "spot, drop or touch" of a drink, it means "fill er' up!!"  
Melted Candle Dripping Centerpiece   Materials Needed: Candle (At least 4 in. tall and thick enough to fit in bottle) Bailey's Bottle Green Crayons Lighter   Directions: 1. Insert candle stick into bottle. (Begin this process over foil) 2. Apply heat to where candle is inserted to merge the two together. 3. Allow candle to melt until it begins dripping. 4. Hold Crayon close to heat and the Crayon will begin to melt/drip down the bottle. 5. Repeat this process until you have your desired centerpiece look.  

Four Leaf Clover Hanging Decoration   Materials Needed: Corks Cardboard Hot Glue Gun   Directions: 1. Cut out a four leaf clover shape on a cardboard sheet. 2. Glue corks around the shamrock. 3. Attach a piece of yarn or wire to back. 4. Hang and enjoy!   Extra: Spray paint green!