Punchline first: Crafthouse Cocktails let you enjoy handcrafted cocktails from Chicago mixology star Charles Joly in your own home. And they're at Binny's now.   charles-joly-7-26-2013Now the setup: Have you heard of Charles Joly? He has an impressive bio: Chicago native rises to prominence at culinary hotspots like The Drawing Room and Aviary, wins Tales of the Cocktail 2013 American Bartender of the Year, becomes all-around cocktail badass. Where to go from there? Crafthouse, bottled versions of Joly's unique twist on classic cocktails.   Pedigree aside, these are great drinks. The project has been in the works for over a year - finding the perfect fresh, all-natural ingredients took time. The cocktails are then meticulously mixed in small batches. All you have to do is open the bottle and pour over ice. We have Southside and Moscow Mule on our shelves now, and we're already looking forward to the next Crafthouse release, Paloma, which should arrive soon.   soputhside-7-26-2013 Crafthouse Southside "The history of this cocktail is a bit spotty, like so many others. It is purported to have been popularized at New York's 21 Club, and legends tie it to prohibition era Chicago and the up and coming mob world. There is not strong evidence to stand behind this. The cocktail itself presents a wonderful balance of premium gin, accentuating the citrus notes in the complex spirit. The citrus show a vibrant and refreshing cocktail while the mint lends a beautiful aromatic. Even those folks who normally don't touch gin will love this cocktail - perfect for the seasoned cocktail veteran or newcomer to the game." - Producer      

"This post-prohibition classic is experiencing a massive resurgence, quickly becoming one of the most popular vodka cocktails again. As one of the cocktails that drove the original vodka craze, it owns a spotlight in the modern history of the spirit. The simple, refreshing and bright flavors of the cocktail make it extremely versatile. The key is a high quality ginger beer, with real spice and a little kick that has nothing to do with the syrupy and cloying ginger ale the modern drinker has become accustomed to. Serve over ice, garnish with fresh mint sprig or lime wheel. If you have a copper mug handy, it is the traditional vessel for this tipple." - Producer