Monstre Rouge is the fourth beer in a series in which De Proef Brouwerji from Belgium invites a famous American craft brewery to head across the Atlantic to collaborate on a beer.  What makes Monstre Rouge unique to us Illinoisans is that De Proef collaborated with Terrapin Brewing Co. from Georgia, whose beers are unavailable in Illinois.  The previous three breweries to collaborate with De Proef (Lost Abbey, Allagash, and Bell's) are all available in the Land of Lincoln.


Monstre Rouge is a self titled Imperial Flanders Red Ale, but the name and description are a bit deceiving.  While we didn't pick up on the brettanomyces yeast, tart, sour, or sweet flavors that Monstre Rouge boasts, we did notice a spiciness from the added rye, as well as a heavy dose of bitterness from the hops.  Monstre Rogue is aged on toasted American oak, resulting in a woody flavor on the finish.  While we did feel somewhat tricked by the Imperial Flanders Red Ale description, we still all agreed that this is a delicious brew, and drinks more like a barleywine.


Monstre Rouge is your chance to endeavor the beers of Terrapin Brewing Co., who presently have no plans of expanding distribution to Illinois.  There is a reason why De Proef selected Terrapin to collaborate, and the proof is in the bottle.  Email to see if your local Binny's has this one of a kind brew in stock.