Dark Horse is without a doubt one of the most underrated breweries found on our shelves. Their year round lineup is fantastic, and seasonals like Scotty Karate Scotch Ale and Perkulator Coffee Dopplebock are in a league of their own. But the thing that we are really drooling over is Dark Horses stout series. This series consists of five different stouts: One Oatmeal Stout, Too Cream Stout, Tres Blueberry Stout, Fore Smoked Stout, and Plead the Fifth Imperial Stout.


We had a chance to try the Tres Blueberry Stout the other night. The aroma of Tres was loaded with blueberries, and reminiscent of delicious homemade blueberry pancakes. The flavor was a solid balance of chocolate, coffee, some sweet malts, and of course blueberries. Some hops showed themselves on the finish, and coincided beautifully with a tart, lingering blueberry flavor. Many of us agreed that this was one of the most unique and scrumptious fruit beers we have encountered.


Dont miss out on trying one or all of the stout offerings from Dark Horse. Too Cream Stout and Tres Blueberry Stout are available at most of our stores, as well as the Fore Smoked Stout that hit Binnys this week. One Oatmeal Stout is still available at a handful of our stores, but has begun to sell out across the chain. Please the Fifth Imperial Stout should hopefully hit the shelves sometime next month. Which Dark Horse brew do you find irresistible?