Take Your Margarita to the Top Shelf. There's a reason that when you think Mexican food, the first cocktail that comes to mind is the margarita. The citrus and sweet character is a timeless match with spicy, salty, saucy Mexican cuisine. If you're looking to impress, these two tips will help you make the perfect, crowd-pleasing margarita:   Better Ingredients Make a Better Margarita. Start with tequila you actually like, and build from there. Milagro Reposado is delicious, a great value, and works as a solid foundation for a margarita that overdelivers. Also, try an orange liqueur with a brandy base, such as Grand Marnier, to give your drink a layer of complexity beyond the sweet orange of less expensive triple sec.   Use Fresh Lime Juice. Sure, margarita mix is an easy solution – just add tequila, right? But all that sugar tends to overpower most other flavors – from the tequila in your drink to the flavor of the food, too. Not to mention the extra calories! Fresh fruit juice and a good orange liqueur offer just enough sweetness for a fresh and balanced cocktail.  

Taco Night Margarita


Classic Margarita


2 oz Gold Tequila 1 oz Orange Liqueur Juice of ½ Lime Lime Wedge   Simple Steps: Mix ingredients in a rocks glass over ice, garnish with a lime wedge. For a good time, double the recipe and serve in a mason jar over ice.

“Taco Night” Spicy Margarita


2 oz Silver Tequila ¼ oz Orange Liqueur 1 ½ oz Mango Puree Juice of ½ Lime Lime Wedge Fresh Jalepeno Slice 2-3 Sprigs of Cilantro   Simple Steps: Mix ingredients in a rocks glass over ice, garnish with lime wedge, cilantro, and jalepeno slice.