Chameleon Brewing is the latest concept and line of beers from parent company Sprecher Brewing of Glendale, Wisconsin.  While the Sprecher line of beers highlight traditional European styles as well as sodas, the Chameleon philosophy is centered around innovative American craft beer styles.  The following four offerings should be available at your local Binny's sometime in the near future:


Hop on Top -  While the name might be suggestive on an IPA, Hop on Top is well below an average IPA with its 4.2% ABV and 11 IBU's.  It is a light bodied, drinkable, and refreshing, with a toasty and earthy hop bitterness.


Fire Light This lager is the lightest of the Chameleon offerings, again clocking in at 4.2% ABV.  Like the Sprecher line of beers, Fire Light is fire brewed, adding to its golden color and toasty flavor.


Witty We were impressed with Witty, as was the Beverage Tasting Institute, who awarded Witty a gold medal.  Coriander, orange peel, ginger, black pepper, and grains of paradise are just a few of the elements found in this complex brew.


Ryediculous IPA This beer is brewed with cascade and chinook hops, as well as rye malt.  Citrus and pine flavors lead the way, with the rye adding a nice touch in this assertively bitter brew.


We aren't 100% sure when these beers are due to hit our shelves, but we are fairly certain they should be available soon.  Inquire at your local Binny's in a few weeks if you are interested.