After much anticipation, we will finally see the works of Master Blender Karel Goddeau of Brewery Geuzestekkerij De Cam in Gooik, Belgium here at Binny's.  Karel is regarded as one of the premier blenders among Lambic enthusiasts.   Keep an eye out for Karel's innovative De Cam Lambic to be appearing on our shelves over the next few weeks.  This amazing brew has already gone through ten years of maturation--  including 3 years in oak casks before being bottled in 2003.

So what can you expect from a beer with so much time and effort invested into it?  Flavors of herbs, vanilla, wood, leather, and butter, to start.  These flavors may be atypical when it comes to most beers, but De Cam Lambic is far from ordinary.  In fact it drinks more like a fine white wine than a beer.

This extremely rare, extremely delicious beer will be available at  a handful of our stores, but not all of them.  Be sure to inquire at your local Binny's to see if they are one of the lucky ones to get their hands on this renowned beer.  Have you drank a beer over 10 years old before?