Not to long ago, an Italian craft brewery by the name of Collesi appeared on our shelves.  We always wondered what was inside the bottles that if you dont look closely at, can easily be mistaken for wine bottles.

First to hit our chalices was Nera, a creamy and sweet stout with a big fluffy cappuccino head. Nera tasted as if it was fermented and bottle conditioned with Belgian yeast.  Classic roasted and chocolate flavors were evident, with a hint of bitter coffee on the finish. 

Next was Chiara, which didnt give us much information regarding its identity as it only referred to itself as an "ale" on the bottle. It definitely reminded of us of a saison, with its floral and tropical fruity flavors.  It was spritzy, with a good amount of carbonation, and a drawn out dry finish.

Also available from Collesi are Rossa, a red ale, Ambrata, an amber ale, and Bionda, a blonde ale.

The Collesi beers were delicious, and thanks to this they can probably be kept out of the overpriced Italian craft beer category, even though they may be a bit on the expensive side.  What are your thoughts on the Italian craft beer segment?