smirnoff root beer float vodka binnysNational Root Beer Float Day may only come once a year, but we've found multiple reasons to celebrate with this Ultimate Root Beer Float like it's every day!   1. It's made with Sprecher Bourbon Barrel Hard Root Beer. When root beer first came around, it was brewed as a light alcohlic beverage. So we were pretty pumped when Sprecher came out with their own version of this 18th century liquid invention. 2. It involves Ice Cream. ANY KIND YOU WANT. (But we prefer Edy's Vanilla Bean... yum) 3. Drinking anything out of a frosted mug is, well, pretty much amazing. 4. The Root Beer Float Vodka makes it right. Seriously. 5. What else do we have to say?   It's time to get your scoopers out and start celebrating this tasty tradition rooted all the way back to the 18th century!  

The Ultimate Root Beer Float

  Ingredients: 2 oz Smirnoff Root Beer Float Vodka Sprecher Root Beer Vanilla Bean Ice Cream   Simple Steps: First, in a frosted mug, add two scoops of vanilla bean ice cream. Pour the 2 ounces of Root Beer Vodka on top. Finally, pour Sprecher Root beer until satisfied!  
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