The Clown Shoes line of beers will soon be en route to Chicago, and will be available exclusively at Binnys.  The beers are currently contract brewed by the Mercury Brewing Company, brewers of the Ipswich line of beers that are popular on the east coast but not yet available in the Chicago market.  Expanding to Chicago is a pretty impressive feat for Clown Shoes, seeing that their one year anniversary occurred this past December. While we do not have a specific debut date for Clown Shoes, we believe that a truckload of their beer should hit our shelves in late January or early February.


Expect to see the following beers on our shelves in the near future; all four will be available in 22oz bomber bottles:


Brown Angel Warning:  this is not your typical brown ale.  Its 7% ABV is a bit higher than the majority of brown ales.  It is also on the hoppy side for the style, incorporating intense American Amarillo and Columbus hops.


Clementine This Belgian style white ale is brewed with Clementine, sweet orange peel, and a hint of coriander.  While packed with flavor, it is still delicious and drinkable, clocking in at 5.9% ABV.  It is an excellent alternative to the many customers who have been seeking out Lost Coast Brewerys summer offering, Tangerine Wheat.


Eagle Claw Fist Clown Shoes once again pushes a style to the limit with this 8% ABV amber ale.  The hops are upfront and aggressive in this brew, but are promptly balanced out by sweet, toasted, and caramel flavored malts.


Hoppy Feet This black IPA gets its pine and citrus flavors from the loads of Amarillo and Columbus hops it is brewed with. Its midnight color and nutty, chocolate, and roasted flavors are a result of using dark malts during the brewing process.


Clown Shoes also has a Belgian IPA in their fermenters, called Tramp Stamp, which will soon hit their bottling line.  It will be nice to add another Belgian IPA and Black IPA onto our shelves, as these up and coming styles continue to gain popularity.  Which Clown Shoes brew are you looking forward to most?