Cigar City Beer and Cigar Pairings

Amidst the sea of choices on the shelf today, you may be asking yourself - what's so special about Cigar City? In a word - proficiency. They can fill a fermenter with one of the most complex imperial stouts you'll ever taste, yet at the same time produce an impeccably balanced and refreshing pale ale. Also of note, is their ability to imbue Floridian culture into their distinctive lineup of beer. Tampa is a city built by tobacco, and with cigar manufacturing came a diverse influx of immigrants who built a vibrant community around them. With the help of Binny's Cigar Consultant Jen, we've selected some cigars to enjoy alongside a freshly poured Cigar City.  

Cigar City cigar pairings


Maduro & Kristoff Kristania Maduro

One fine Maduro calls for another. Florida meets the Midwest in a big way when you pair this Cigar City classic with Kristoff's Kristania Maduro! This creamy oatmeal brown ale is layered with chocolatly malt complexity that complements similarly decadent flavors found in the cigar. With the addition of nuttiness coming from the smoke, and the silky body of the beer, this experience will leave you reaching for your favorite chocolate confections.  

Jai Alai & Macanudo Inspirado White

Pairing cigars with IPAs can be difficult, but Macanudo?s Inspirado White blend proved up for the challenge. Voted #2 in Binny's Top 10 Cigars of 2017, it?s a mild to medium smoke with a subtle peppery quality that compliments Jai Alai's vibrant hop bill. Inspirado?s creamy palate also softens the edges on Jai Alai?s big citrusy finish.  

Guayabera & Padron Damaso

This light bodied pale is a perfect match for Padron's first mild release. Damaso combines a silky-smooth Connecticut wrapper and a complementary blend of Nicaraguan fillers, making for one sweet and creamy masterpiece. Enjoyed together, you?ll savor the citrus, balance the bitter, and highlight the lovely tobacco sweetness of this remarkable new blend.