The first Mexican craft beer has hit Binnys shelves, in the form of Chupacabras Pale Ale from Cucapa Brewing Company.Cucapa Brewing is located in Mexicali, which is a stones throw away from California and is the northernmost city in Latin America.


We werent sure what to expect from a beer named after a creature whose reputation is that of sucking goats blood, and curiosity finally got the best of us when we cracked open a can (yes this beer is available in 6-pack cans) of Chupacabras.We knew from the first whiff of this beautiful copper colored brew that it was in a whole different league than most of the light lagers typically associated with Mexico.


Chupacabras is loaded with English malts that give it caramel, toffee, nutty, and dark chocolate flavors.The next thing to hit you is the American hops, which give off earthy and citrusy flavors.A lingering bitterness stays with the palate long after the sip.


Cucapa Brewing calls Chupacabras an American Pale Ale, while classifies the brew as an English Pale Ale.We believe that the beer is a combination of both styles, and that the use of both English and American ingredients results in a deliciously unique beer.


Will you be picking up come Chupacabras for your next fiesta?