If you've been to any of the Grand Opening week events at Binny's Evergreen Park, hopefully you've noticed the high level of excitement like we have. We feel honored to have all stars like Dan Hampton, Ben Smith, Mike Ditka and Mayor James Sexton helping us celebrate. ribboncutting_ditka_blog Another group of all-stars that have inspired all of us is Christmas Without Cancer. This organization's mission is far beyond inspiring. With their drive, energy and goal in mind, these volunteers are able to provide holiday gifts, as well as basic necessities to local families such as gift cards for gasoline and groceries. Don't be fooled by the name, though. They work all year round to help as many families as possible. They know that cancer doesn't only affect the patient, but the entire family. We showed our support for this community organization with the charitable gift of $10,000. cwc_blog2 We are so very honored to help an organization where 100% of their proceeds benefit the families going through these hardships. cwc_blog1 On top of that, with the help of our buddy Mike Ditka and many generous supporters, hundreds and hundreds of donations came in to help Christmas Without Cancer walk out with an additional $4695. Yeah, we couldn't believe it either. The amount of community support we received was beyond what we could imagine, so we thank you. ditka_blog_binnystee To learn more about the families Christmas Without Cancer helps or donate to their organization, please visit their website.