We were assigned with the daunting task of pairing chocolate with our favorite beverages. It was tough, but we made it happen. When pairing sweet treats with wine, try to go for a wine that is sweet or slightly sweet for a successful pairing. Very dry wines and desserts just don't work well together. We also worked with bourbon, brandy, and beer during our experiments to find the best pairings to help you celebrate love on Valentine's Day.  


Chocolate Turtle + Kelsey Creek Single Barrel

The baking spice, caramel, and vanilla notes worked perfectly with the caramel and chocolate combination of the Terrapin. A tried and true love match.  

Butterscotch Choocolate + Boulevard Rye on Rye Ale

Since the name of this piece was the Butterscotch Hop, we wanted desperately to find a beer that paired well and by golly we think we’ve got it! We turned to a rich rye ale that was aged in first-use rye whiskey barrels and it is a great fit. The creamy mouthfeel of the beer matched the creamy texture of the butterscotch yet the carbonation gave it a lively, refreshing characteristic that really hit home for us. We are very happy with this discovery!  

Coffee and Creme + Kohler Dark Chocolate Brandy

This chocolate on its own is simply divine. It really was a favorite of the group. We like the Kohler Dark Chocolate Brandy with this selection. At first we thought it would be ‘too much chocolate’ but it wasn’t! The creamy flavors of the piece helped to give the pairing lift and the brandy had just enough bite to contrast with the rich, mouthcoating chocolate.  

Blueberry Chocolate + Illinois Sparkling Co Demi Sec Rose

We tasted a dry sparkling wine compared to a sweeter style with this particular chocolate. While the brut most definitely did not work, as it rendered the wine even dryer and more acidic, the demi-sec worked perfectly. Our selection was a Rose Demi-sec from Illinois Sparkling Co. The fruitiness of the chocolate and the red berry notes of the wine worked so well. We also like to shop local when we can so we're really ticking all the boxes here.  

Dark Chocolate Heart + ... Lindeman's Frambois Lambic:

Once again, similar profiles working in tandem to create a memorable experience.

Quinta do Noval LBV 2011:

Port and chocolate is a classic pairing and this one worked so well for everybody. The dark berry fruit notes from the Port play so well with the brighter raspberry flavors. A safe bet.

Earthquake Zinfandel:

It can be tricky pairing a dry wine with chocolate. Very tricky. We succeeded with Earthquake Zinfandel. The round, rich mouthfeel of the wine stood up to the texture of the dark chocolate and raspberry notes. When we are weary of dry wine with sweet food we found our preconceived notions totally shattered with how well this worked.