Binny’s and Old Style Beer partnered to recognize members of the Chicago Fire Department who have proven themselves local heroes both on-duty and off-duty. Twelve amazing heroes were presented with one-of-a-kind Old Style mini fridges, beer and swag. The brave individuals were honored for their dedication to the field. Some fundraised a large amount money and spread awareness, others helped their communities, and some saved lives. Check out the full list of our 2016 Chicago Local Heroes below.  

Old Style Binny's EMWQ


2016 Chicago Local Heroes:

  Firefighter Eric Washington (T38): For leadership organizing a water drive for Flint Michigan. Battalion Chief James Jablonowski (B2): For bravery during nighttime water rescue on the Chicago River. Engineer??????? John Hermann (E18): For leadership in firehouse fundraising efforts for numerous CFD Charities. Firefighter Rod Strong (E60): For bravery, off duty, water rescue on Lake Michigan. PIC Rebecca Bolluyt-Presas (A67): For volunteerism at multitudes CFD fundraising and family events. Firefighter Joseph Martinelli (S2): For bravery, rescuing a CFD member from fire mayday. Lieutenant Larry Anoman (Retired TL34): For leadership of Chicago Axeman Motorcycle fundraising for numerous CFD charities. Paramedic Wendell Smoot (A7): For bravery, off-duty, providing first-aid to accident victim on expressway. Lieutenant Steve O’Malley (T39): For leadership of as founder of the Battle of the Badges which has raised hundreds of thousand of dollars, over 14 years, for CFD and other charities. Firefighter William Miller (E42): For bravery, off-duty, water rescue at Diversey Harbor. Firefighter/Paramedic Mitch Ludwig (E83): For leadership in fundraising for CFD Charities and CFD families in need. Mr. Ken Kaczmarz (EMWQ): For service as the retired executive director of the FABF and treasurer of the EMWQ Fund.  

Old Style Binny's

  Old Style Beer is once again saluting the Chicago Fire Department with a commemorative can designed to honor and support fallen heroes. The limited-release can, emblazoned with  a firefighter and special Old Style Beer Logo, sends proceeds to the EMWQ Retirees’, Widows’ and Children’s Assistance Fund, which provides financial assistance to widows and orphans of the Chicago Fire Department. Click here to learn more about the EMWQ, and grab the commemorative cans at your favorite Binny's.   

Binny's Old Style EMWQ

Firefighter William Miller and fisherman Chuck, who he rescued from 33 degree water in 2012 at Diversey Harbor.  

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