Heads up Chicago, there is a spanking new brewery in town! Located at 5121 N. Ravenswood Ave in Chicago, Metropolitan Brewing invaded the market in late February with kegs and six packs of Flywheel Bright Lager and Dynamo Copper Lager. The six packs are available at Binnys for $9.99 apiece, and a keg of Dynamo Copper Lager is currently on tap at Binnys South Loop. A barrel of Flywheel went on tap first, and quickly went dry as patrons swiftly sucked down the tasty brew. Look for Flywheel to go back on tap after the in progress Dynamo Keg goes dry.   I had a chance to savor both Flywheel and Dynamo and was pleasantly surprised. Flywheel seems to be the superior of the two, and was tasted by the gang of five yesterday. A German inspired beer; it has a perfect head, absolute clarity, and was one of the more attractive beers we have seen. The round body, the clean and crisp taste, and the classic German bite on the finish impressed us. Once the weather gets warmer, I will definitely pick some of this up to go along with my Bells Oberon and Three Floyd's Gumballhead. Flywheel will undoubtedly crack the gang of fives revised top- ten beer list, which is in the works.   Metropolitan Brewing has a fine website, along with a blog of their own. They have plans to release four more beers, a Kolsch, Octoberfest, Dopplebock, and an Alt. Looks like Metropolitan Brewing is staying true to their German inspired brewing. The only downside of Metropolitan Brewing is that they do not have a brewpub connected with their brewery, and do not currently offer brewery tours. Supposedly they will be offering tours of the brewery in early April, and you can bet that I will be one of the first in line! I am impressed with Metropolitan Brewing, and we can only hope that they survive the ultra competitive beer market.