The Chicago Tribune has made their selection for their September beer of the month, and it is a dandy. Ommegang Aphrodite is arguably one of the most complex beers on our shelves, but at the same time could easily please the novice beer drinker in addition to the most seasoned beer expert.  Aphrodite's complexity stems from the natural pear and raspberry juices and grains of paradise used during the brewing process.  Further adding to the complexity and imparting a tantalizing dryness on the brew is the use of not only Ommegang house yeast but Brettanomyces yeast.  Beer lovers know the levels of complexity Brett can bestow upon a brew, in this case a mild funk and tartness.


Aphrodite is currently available at most Binny's, but probably won't be around for long since it is a limited edition beer that Ommegang likely won't be brew again.  Aphrodite is drinking splendidly right now, but will also hold up in the cellar for years to come.


Previous Chicago Tribune beer of the month selections have included Sierra Nevada's Kellerweiss and Victory's Prima Pils. Kellerweiss is arguably the best domestically produced hefeweizen, while many view Prima Pils as the primo domestically brewed pilsner. Would you agree?