The Chicago Tribune has selected Breckenridge Agave Wheat as their December beer of the month. When asked the question, why wheat for the winter (sales and consumption of wheat beer is generally associated with the hot summer months), Chicago Tribune writer Jerald OKennard acknowledged that Agave Wheat is Not a beer you would think of having this time of year, but my, is it muy delicioso. He backs up this statement by suggesting pairing Agave Wheat with your holiday dinner, especially if you are having roast turkey or other fowl. Will you be drinking any wheat beers this winter?


Breckenridge has been brewing up a storm lately, with their Christmas Ale and the brand new to Illinois Lucky U IPA hitting our shelves in the last couple weeks. The Christmas Ale adheres to the classic winter warmer beer stereotype. From first glance of the deep and rich dark brown color, you will know you are in for a dark and malty experience. The thing we like most about this beer is the balance. It is not overly spiced, malted, or hopped; each of these characteristics is apparent but not overwhelming. The alcohol is well hidden, and the Christmas Ale is very drinkable for a 7.4% ABV brew. It is also a very economical choice at $8.49 for a six pack.


One thing that Breckenridge was lacking in their six pack lineup was an IPA (although they do have 471 IPA, but this is a 9.2% double IPA). This is not the case anymore, as Lucky U IPA is now available at Binnys. Lucky U has citrusy and grassy hop flavors, but is not over the top hopped. A small malt backbone provides some balance to this IPA. The finish is firm and bitter, and leaves no doubts as to the beers roots.


Breckenridge continues to brew traditional styles like their Christmas Ale and Lucky U IPA. At the same time, Breckenridge is brewing unique and extreme styles, highlighted by beers like their Vanilla Porter and Agave Wheat. Whatever you have a taste for; chances are Breckenridge will have something to satisfy your taste buds.