What do you do with your recycled corks, wine bottles and beer caps? Here at Binny's, we craft holiday decorations with ours! Check out our top three holiday crafts after the jump, plus more through our Tinsel and Glitter Galore Pinterest Board.

Three Awkward Santas

Wine Santa Bottles You will need: A wine, beer and spirits bottle Red spray paint Black chalkboard paint Gems Hemp yarn ???Spray, paint, let dry and decorate. Voila!  

Cork Christmas Tree

Cork Christmas Tree by Binny's You will need: Corks Yarn Stickers and pom poms ???Stack and hot glue your corks in the shape of a Christmas tree, decorate your tree with glittery add-ons and you've got the cutest holiday decor around!  

Wine Advent Calendar

Christmas Wine Countdown Binny's You will need: Wine... a lot of wine Holiday stock paper Gift tags ???Create, decorate the tags and label them 1-25. Place a different tag on each wine bottle and begin your countdown to Christmas with bottle number 25. Best countdown ever? We think so.   For more fun, holiday inspired crafts, check out our Pinterest page. Be sure to share with us the crafts you brew up through out the holiday season.