Monday, February 18th is National Drink Wine Day! We're celebrating with some outstanding recommendations from our fabulous wine buyers!

  Bob's Recommendations:

    Graham Beck Brut This non-vintage "mini Champagne" will suprise you with its soft and fresh fruit flavor. It's a South African favorite of Binny's and will be sure to please any taste buds!   2011 Altos Las Hormigas Malbec For this price, it can't be beat! This Argentina beaut is smokey with fantastic blueberry and bacon character. For the complexity of the wine, it really should be sitting in the $14-17 category... but you can snatch it for just $9.99!   2011 Coquena Torrontes If you're a big fan of torrontes and are ready to take off the training wheels, this is a great place to start! This is a more serious version of this popular grape. Very forward and more dialed in to what you should be tasting.   Barb's Recommendations:  

2011 Patient Cottat Sauvignon Blanc Le Grand Caillou A great value from the Loire, this vibrant, juicy white drinks like Sancerre but at half the price. The perfect summer quencher.   2010 Ridge Lytton Estate Petite Sirah Ridge, one of America's greatest wineries, first made Petite Sirah from Lytton Estate in 1972. This surprisingly elegant Petite has a pure, deep blackberry aroma, dense sweet mouth and firm but supple tannins.   Lustau Manzanilla Papirusa One of the world's greatest but more overlooked white wines. Bone dry, like a razor's edge with an intriguing, nutty aroma and a salty, tangy mouth. One caveat, like any white wine, it will keep opened in the fridge a few days before it declines.  

Salut to you on National Drink Wine Day! (We'll use any excuse to drink more wine...)