With the weather warming up, its hard to beat a crisp, clean, citrusy blanco tequila. Casa Maestri produces many different tequila brands out of their distillery (NOM-1438 for you tequila geeks at home) but this one in particular caught our attention with it’s added value, a flask! Not just any flask, but a 1.75 liter flask. Not only is the tequila great, but since the flask goes to 11, we mean 1.75, this is not a deal to pass on.  

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Casa Maestri Tequila Blanco

Available in 1.75L, 750ml and 200ml sizes Soft, inviting nose with notes of cooked agave, honey, citrus peel and a hint of white pepper. The palate is soft as well with the sweeter agave notes taking the lead. Peppers, soft spice and a touch of vanilla fade slowly in the long finish. Wonderful on it’s own or as a base for any of your favorite tequila cocktails. A value blanco that doesn’t just taste like cooked peppers and asparagus.   Check out the Whiskey Hotline for updates on new whiskey, tastings, sales and more!