In another Whiskey Hotline first, we're proud to announce our handpicked casks of Caribou Crossing. When this single barrel Canadian whisky debuted a few years back, it quickly became one of our favorites in the category. A Canadian whisky for the bourbon drinker, slightly fuller bodied than others with firm rye spice notes and a heavy dose of vanilla. Our single casks bring out the best of these flavors. Both are delicate and elegant, easy drinking and well structured, quality Canadian whiskies.  

Caribou Crossing Single Barrel Whisky


Caribou Crossing Single Barrel #6 Binny's Handpicked Canadian Whisky

A lively nose with vanilla and cinnamon over loads of spice and mint. Big and round on the palate, showing fruit with wood spice in the front and rich caramel in the background. The finish is lengthy with spice, caramel, vanilla and fruit.  

Caribou Crossing Single Barrel #47 Binny's Handpicked Canadian Whisky

Soft, approachable nose full of brown sugar, vanilla, gingerbread, wintergreen, and delicate tropical fruits. Creamy on the palate with nice warmth, restrained spice and lots of vanilla. The finish is long and semisweet, pleasant with spice and vanilla.   Check out the Whiskey Hotline for updates on new whiskey, tastings, sales and more!