Glen Ellyn beer manager Anthony Gerdt recently proclaimed that Southern Star Brewerys Buried Hatchet Stout is the best imperial stout he has ever had out of a can. He claimed that it is better than Ten Fidy (not available in Illinois, but very popular nonetheless), and although he didnt outright say it, his comment would indicate that he thinks Buried Hatchet is better than Lion Stout in cans. Anthonys praise for Buried Hatched made us wonder: Could this new to Illinois beer really oust the competition for the title of best stout available in a can?


A couple of us split up a 4 pack of the Buried Hatchet Stout the other day, and cracked them open while watching the Jets upset the Chargers. When poured into the glass, we noticed a tan and creamy, finger long head that withered down to about a half inch that stayed throughout. We adored the chocolate, espresso, vanilla, and sweet roasted malt aroma. Upon first sip, we noticed that the taste of Buried Hatchet Stout matched the aroma, with coffee being the dominant flavor. A bit of hops were apparent on the bittersweet finish. We couldnt find the ABV on the can, and were surprised to later find out that this brew is 8.5% ABV. It is not heavy at all, and is extremely drinkable for a beer of this caliber.


We eventually got back to the question of whether Buried Hatchet is the best Imperial Stout in a can. The conclusion was reached that it is as good as or better than Lion Stout. It was noted that when you purchase Lion Stout, you get a six-pack for a cheaper price ($9.99) than a 4-pack of Buried Hatchet. However, $10.99 isnt a bad price for a 4-pack of an imperial stout. What is your favorite canned stout?