UPDATE: All the spots for our Bubble Hockey Tournament have been filled!   The icy stare before the faceoff. The crack of the puck on the stick. The roar of adoring fans. The marriage of power and grace. Mucking it up and grinding it out. Thrilling victory, chilling defeat. We're talking, of course, about bubble hockey.   Binny's and Labatt Brewing are offering you the once-in-a-lifetime chance to bring your bubble hockey skills to the table with a high-stakes tournament. Join us for this single-elimination, one-on-one bubble hockey event at Binny's Oak Brook on April 25th. We have just 32 spots, and they will fill quickly already filled!, so call to reserve your spot soon: (630) 861-1810. Only the best of the best will go home with our first place prize: the bubble hockey table itself.  

Labatt Blue Bubble Hockey


Binny's Oak Brook Saturday, April 25th Opening Faceoff at Noon


The Rules

This is a single-elimination tournament. Each game consists of three, sixty-second periods. If one contestant is ahead by two goals at the end of regulation play, the game is over and the official will call the game. If regulation time ends in a tie or a contestant is leading by one goal, then the game continues until one more goal is scored. If the final goal ties the score, then the game goes to sudden death overtime.  

The Prizes

1st place: Bubble Hockey Table 2nd place: Hockey Chair 3rd place: Hockey Jersey  

Labatt Jersey

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