Good news! Brophy's barrel is back in business. After considering all of your suggestions for spirits to put into the barrel, we decided to go in a completely different direction. On Tuesday we filled the barrel with none other than Lemon Hart 151 proof Demerara Rum.

   This is hands down the best smelling overproof rum we've ever had. The combination of the amazing aromatic profile and the high alcohol content makes Lemon Hart the absolute best rum for making perfect tiki drinks - think the classic hurricaine and mai tai - as well as the best dark & stormy you've ever tasted.

   We tasted some before putting in into the barrel, and it's all about the nose. Delicious molasses and brown sugar completely dominate with a thickness that almost pushes into the raisiny fruit category. You would never know this is an overproof rum - there's no alcohol to be found on the nose. Nothing subtle about it. Heavy duty on the palate too, with an overwhelming taste of molasses just starting to burn in a pan on a stove. It's going to be really cool to see how the Lemon Hart is effected by time in the barrel. Remember that the last two things we had in there were a Scotch and then a tequila. We'll taste it in a week, see where it's at, and decide where to go from there.

   By the way, we have more exciting Brophy's Barrel news coming soon. Keep an eye on the Binny's Blog for more.