Pat Brophy, spirits specialist at The Whiskey Hotline, has a one-liter wood barrel for aging spirits and beers. Follow Pat as he experiments right here on the Binny's Blog. -ed.

JUST FINISHED: Casa Noble Reposado GOING IN:  ??????

   A couple weeks have passed since we started aging the Casa Noble Reposado. What took so long? Here's what happened:

   After it spent one week in the barrel, we gave the Casa Noble a taste. It was dry, and still showed good notes of honey and agave nectar, especially toward the finish. But the complexity - the pepper you usually find right up front in this tequila - was completely overtaken by wood.

   What do you do with something like that? We figured we'd put it back in the barrel. Checked back in a week, and it had mounted a comeback!

   Now it's back in the bottle, and it's really good. You can pick up notes from the Laphroaig that was aging weeks ago. The green pepper is back, but it's dialed back to 5 (on a scale of 10, and it was at 10 before going in the wood). As it evolves on the palate, Mezcal-like notes spring out: smoke, honey, agave nectar. The smoke is especially surprising because it isn't on the nose, but erupts mid-palate. All in all, this turned out to be a well-rounded, nicely balanced spirit. We consider this one a successful experiment.

   So now the barrel is empty, and we're not sure what to age next. So we're turning that over to you - leave a comment below. We have access to a lot of great spirits, so we could do some pretty cool stuff. What do you think should go into Brophy's Barrel next?